CRAFT SpecimenSignature

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Our CRAFT SpecimenSignature system provides the imaging, storing and privilege-based retrieval of specimen signature cards for bank users.

In our modern world bank customers require that they could seamlessly and securely access their bank accounts at any unit of their bank's network. One of the pre-requisities of such an access is the establishment of a specimen signature database immediately accessible from any banking unit. Our CRAFT Specimen system provides a solution to that.

Apart from providing search functions to users working in branches, this system can also be integrated in our other bank document management systems, where it makes the signature verification step of certificate processing more efficient.

The system can manage different types of specimen signature cards:

  • cards can be categorised based on their functions (e.g. usable for cash withdrawal, money transfer),
  • cards may consist of one or more pages,
  • cards may be a whole page or just a part of the page,
  • card images can be black and white, gray scale or coloured.

Apart from images, the system can also store different important information about specimen signature cards. These details can be categorised as follows:

  • information relating to the owner of the card (it can be related to a customer or an account),
  • information related to the card category (for cash withdrawal, money transfer etc.),
  • validity information (valid from and to dates, date and reason for cancellation etc.),
  • information related to signature applicability (valid in itself or together with another signature, amount limit etc.),
  • remarks (e.g. details need to be discussed by phone),
  • card history including who performed what transaction at what time in relation to the card.

The system supports card processing and modification work processes as well. It provides the following functions for that purpose:

  • digitise cards using scanners of different capacities,
  • capture important information appearing on the cards, using OCR/ICR technology,
  • cut the signature manually or automatically from a specified area of the image, if necessary,
  • supply card-related information,
  • verify cards prior to making them valid ("four-eyes principle"),
  • modify information related to a card and verify it prior to making it valid ("four-eyes principle"),
  • cancel card validity and verify such cancellation ("four-eyes principle"),
  • automatically cancel validity when a new card takes effect in relation to the client or the account (optional),
  • the bank can control the retrievability of cards based on user groups.

The system can be installed using different architectures:

  • processing is done at the central back office, while cards are retrieved basically in the branch network,
  • cards are scanned at branches, processing is done at the central back office, while cards are retrieved basically in the branch network,
  • cards are input into and processed in a central database at branches, which is then used by the system to fulfill retrieval requests,
  • if there is a larger network, it is also possible to have more than one system centre, which serve the branches connected to them, and communicate with each other via a main centre.

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