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Our CRAFT Form system handles the processing and archiving of custom forms used by banks. It can be used to capture certificate information important to the bank using OCR/ICR technology, and pass that information through the processing workflow of the bank along with the image of the certificate.

Every bank uses certificates that are unique to the given bank and have to be processed in large quantities. There are not any COTS solution that can be used to process such custom certificates. Our CRAFT Form system offers a quick solution for the management of such certificates.

The basic elements of the system:

  • Imaging

    Hard-copy certificates are digitised using scanners of various capacities. Certificates can be digitised in a processing centre or, using a distributed approach, in any branch.

  • Recognition

    We use OCR/ICR technology to recognize the information on digitised images.

  • Workflow

    Certificate images and the relevant data content are transferred from one user to another, based on the administrative procedure specified by the bank. Users can add new information to the certificate content in each processing step.

  • Archiving

    Digitised certificate images and the relevant data content are stored in the archives, from where users with the appropriate privileges can retrieve them any time.

To facilitate the completion of forms, Cardinal Kft. also developed a Form filling application.

Supported competitions:

  • Zrinyi Ilona mathematics competition

    1997: We gave a system supporting the evaluation of the questionnaires to the foundation which arranged the competition.

    2008: The foundation received the new version of the system that we had used at every competition beforehand.

  • Kenguru mathematics competition

    2004: We used our CRAFT system to evaluate competition questionnaires for the foundation which arranged the competition.

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