CRAFT BondChecker

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Our CRAFT BondChecker system supports the verification of securities certificates prior to their issue and after their cancellation, before they are destroyed. It can perform a print quality control function and check for duplicates and deficiencies in a large volume of securities. It also facilitates preparing securities destruction records.

Although we can witness a major tendency of dematerialising securities these days, there are still a great number of securities which are issued in a hard-copy form and actually handed over to clients. It is very difficult to verify these securities manually considering their quantity. Our CRAFT BondChecker system solves that problem.

The system uses OCR technology to capture the most important information (serial number, face value, ISIN etc.) from the digitised images of securities certificates, then performs the checks associated with the given processing based on the information thus obtained.

We use high-capacity scanners to capture the images of securities certificates. These scanners can handle the huge volumes to be processed and also ensure that the integrity of the securities certificates remain intact in the course of processing.

We can support the following processes:

  • Checks at the printing-house

    Printing-houses can use our system for the quality control of securities. Apart from verifying the legibility and correctness of the most important data and the correct order of unique identifiers, the control procedure may also include checking the existence and location of positioning corners and any holograms.

  • Checks before an issue

    The legibility and correctness of the most important data and the correct order of unique identifiers must be verified before securities are issued.

  • Checks before securities are destroyed

    When repurchased securities certificates are checked before their destruction, the system checks the correctness of their main data and also checks for duplicates if necessary. It can also produce a destruction record about processed securities, and can archive digitised images for a long term to facilitate subsequent checks.

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