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This product supports the capturing and electronic archiving of documents.

Storing the large volume of documents created at a company over many years and still growing is a considerable challenge. To ensure access to the documents, they must be stored at a location close to where the work is done, on premises rented at a high cost. Searching for data in such documents demands a lot of work and is a rather slow process, while documents requested by sites or branches located far from the storage facility may take days to arrive, which greatly increases the risk of losing the document. Simultaneous access can only be provided if copies are made of the relevant documents.

CRAFT Archive, our document archiving product offers a solution to these challenges by providing efficient tools to digitise documents and supplying information to the index database, which facilitates searching and allows searching and displaying documents on any computer connected to the company network. This model allows low-cost storage of hard-copy documents far from the place where the actual work is done; it allows retrieval by numerous filter criteria, prompt display and simultaneous access. The system also stores physical storage location information, which makes it easy to find the relevant hard-copy document, if necessary.

The system was designed using the CRAFT general document manager framework system, therefore, it also offers industrial-strength capacities, high reliability and an access rights system providing sophisticated control over document access. The system can be easily supplemented with other modules of the framework system, such as the electronic folder module, which allows sorting archived documents by various criteria, or the Iktató (Filing) and Ügyintézés (Administration) modules, which simplify doing daily document management tasks.

System functions:

  • Imaging
  • The system's scanner module can digitise large volumes of documents using high-capacity scanners and also individual documents that require more attention. It supports automatic recognition of document limits based on predefined page numbers, bar codes or separating sheets having one or more bar codes on them.

    When digitising a batch of documents, the documents' storage location can also be specified, thus, the document storage space can be filled automatically.

  • Indexing
  • Documents are also added information which makes retrieval easier independently from the digitising process and based on the captured images.

  • Retrieval
  • Documents can be retrieved and viewed based on data which were specified in the indexing phase or were automatically associated with them (e.g. bar code information). Retrieval is controlled via the access rights system, so every user can access only documents he has the appropriate access rights to.

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