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Our CRAFT Enterprise product has all tools necessary for the implementation of the paper-free office. It manages documents received via conventional and electronic channels in a uniform way. Its integrated workflow support provides the capability of managing document-related and other administrative processes. Apart from the system's automatically built electronic document archives, there are also other tools, such as the electronic folder and, in part, automatically built document links, which provide easy access to documents. The system supports the management of hard-copy documents from document transfer to archives management, to document lending, to final rejection.

The purpose of our CRAFT Enterprise product is to provide a solution for handling the entire range of the documents used by the company and to support all document-related activities.

The purpose of the system is to manage documents in any format and received via any channel in a uniform way. Therefore, it supports the efficient input of hard-copy documents received en masse at specific input points (e.g. expedition), allows the input of documents at administration points, provides tools for the automatic input of documents received through electronic channels (e.g. faxes, e-mails) and allows inputting electronic documents (files) in large quantities or one by one. It provides for registration and filing of documents recieved via any channel and can also extend the support for that functionality with different automatisms.

Apart from delivering the documents to the addressees and moving them between administrators, the system also allows launching transactions with pre-defined workflows in relation to the documents. It also provides tools for the management of processes not related to documents (Task).

The system also supports tasks related to the management of hard-copy documents. It provides means to register the physical location of documents and supports the whole process of borrowing documents from the record office and returning them after use. Although the system allows doing administration work related to hard-copy documents without moving the actual copies, it also supports physical document movement with transfer lists and by recording the necessary details of the transfer process. The system manages the retention times prescribed for different document types and supports the rejection process.

The system was developed using the CRAFT general document manager framework system, therefore, it also offers industrial-strength capacities, high reliability and an access rights system providing sophisticated control over document access. The system can be easily extended with other modules of the framework system supporting specific areas, such as ones supporting invoice certification and contract registration.

Activities supported by the system:

  • Filing
  • The system supports both the terminal digit and the multiple-registry filing models. It creates folders for terminal digits allowing access to every document filed under the relevant terminal digit. The module offers special functions to support centralised bulk filing but filing can also be performed at any location where administration is done.

  • Imaging
  • The system supports both central batch imaging of documents and imaging single documents at administrators' workplaces.

  • Fax handling
  • The Fax module receives incoming faxes from the fax server and forwards them for electronic filing. Following that, faxes can be managed the same way as digitised hard-copy documents.

  • E-mail management
  • The E-mail module receives messages sent to the e-mail addresses dedicated to it and allows administrators to upload messages from their e-mail clients to the CRAFT system. Received e-mails can be managed the same way as digitised hard-copy documents.

  • Document forwarding
  • When imaging is done, the system forwards the document in an electronic form to the organisational unit or administrator addressed. It also allows forwarding the original document and supports that process with transfer lists.

  • Administration
  • The functions supporting the administration of documents at organisational units also allow assigning documents to administrators, performing the relevant administrative tasks and approving them. Depending on their privileges, administrators can assign documents pending processing to themselves, draw up responses, initiate the resolving of and resolve discrepancies and can also file new documents.

  • Administration support

    The Workflow module can be used to set up any administrative work session.

  • Task management

  • Substitution

    Support for recording the employees' leaves of absence and substitution needs.

  • Folder management

  • Storage in the record office
  • Archives management

    We can store extremely large volumes of data using the Archives module of the Craft document management system, which also provides fast and efficient tools for finding documents.

  • Retrieval
  • Documents can be retrieved and viewed based on data supplied during filing or the administration process, or on some specific data automatically associated with them (e.g. their barcode information). Retrieval is controlled through a rights system, so everybody can access only documents he has the appropriate privileges for.

  • Reports
  • The system can be set to produce reports on the documents managed, activities done and cycle times.

  • Borrowing

    This module supports the joint work of the record office, the employees working in the record office and the other users working at the company.

  • Rejection

    Introduction of the CRAFT module supporting the rejection of physical and electronic documents.

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