Basic concepts and tools of the CRAFT system

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This article discusses the basic concepts and knowledge facilitating the understanding of system operation and the tools used in the system.


  • Document
  • A CRAFT document is all data registered about a document, folder or electronic document (file, fax, e-mail) including the related image(s). Registered information is broken down to data sheets. A document is displayed by displaying the related data sheets and images.

    The system represents documents in the form of XML data.

  • Data sheet
  • Data sheets are used to manage the interrelated data of a document. Besides data sheets defined by the system, documents can also be added professional, principal-specific data sheets defined when the system is tailored to meet the principal's requirements.

  • Document net
  • The CRAFT system establishes links between documents. Part of these links are established automatically and part of them are specified manually by administrators, using some linking operation. Such a link exists, for example, between an incoming document and the letter sent in response to it, a registered document and the terminal digit used for its registration, or a folder and the documents held in it.

    Based on these links, documents stored in the system form a document net, allowing users to browse them following the links and making it easy for them to access related documents while viewing and processing a document.


  • System architecture

    The architecture of the CRAFT system is presented from different points of view: configuration, modules used, centres, local centres, servers, clients, program structure, database structure.

  • Data storage

    Our CRAFT document management system generally handles large quantities of data and images. The system uses different database engines to store all that information. This article gives an overview of these database engines.

  • Workflow management

    The Workflow module can be used to set up any administrative workflow quickly and in an easy to understand form.

  • Communication

    CRAFT system components communicate with each other using the CRAFT Communication module. This allows high security encrypted communication.

  • Standards

    Although CRAFT is a custom developed system, it uses international standards, thus ensuring that stored data could be accessed independently from the CRAFT system and their integrity remained intact for a long time.


  • OCR/ICR engine

    The text recognition module developed by Cardinal Kft. has several uses in the CRAFT system. The module offers the advantage of utilising special information both in localizing the text to be recognised and in the actual recognition process, thus, we can achieve better recognition ratios than those offered by general recognition engines.

  • Automatic software updates

    Our CRAFT system has a client-server architecture, where the client software is automatically updated.

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