CRAFT General Document Management System

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Our CRAFT General Document Management System is a modular framework system which provides solutions supporting different document management tasks. The system puts great emphasis on the uniform management of hard-copy and electronic documents of different origins, on supporting the administration of different documents, on their long-term secure storage and on implementing sophisticated access rights control mechanisms.

Our CRAFT General Document Management System is a framework system which can be used to build systems covering various document management areas. The system supports a wide range of document management tasks from batch imaging to supporting administrative processes, to the management of electronic archives. The modular structure of the system allows us to implement custom solutions tailored to the needs of our respective principal.

If necessary, custom data content and functionalities can be implemented in the system by tailoring it to the principal's needs, and it can also be set up to cooperate closely with the principal's other systems. Following that approach, we also build systems to satisfy custom needs apart from products providing general support for different document management tasks.

The most outstanding features of the system:

  • Data security
  • Efficient management of documents in industrial volumes
  • Uniform management of hard-copy and electronic documents of various origins
  • OCR/ICR support
  • Sophisticated rights management
  • Management of large corporate hierarchies and subsidiaries
  • Management of national (international) networks

Areas covered by the system:

  • Batch and individual imaging
  • Electronic archives
  • Reception, filing
  • Support for administration
  • Management and storage of hard-copy documents
  • Workflow and workflow management

Our document management products:

  • Craft Archive

    This product supports the imaging and electronic archiving of documents.

  • CRAFT E-Folder

    CRAFT E-Folder is a tool which supports keeping records of, digitising and archiving corporate documents related to specific transactions. It offers an easy overview of transaction documentation and makes it easy to check if certain documents exist or not. It securely stores document images for a long time and provides fast access to them via the company's computer network.

  • CRAFT Regist

    This product supports the reception, filing and administration of both hard-copy and electronic documents. It allows batch and individual digitisation of hard-copy documents and supports administration of documents based on their electronic image. It builds an electronic archives of the documents input into the system, which allows retrieving documents based on data specified during filing and administration. CRAFT Regist supports the management of hard-copy documents, forwarding them to administrators and the registration of their physical location.

  • CRAFT Enterprise

    Our CRAFT Enterprise product has all tools necessary for the implementation of the paper-free office. It manages documents received via conventional and electronic channels in a uniform way. Its integrated workflow support provides the capability of managing document-related and other administrative processes. Apart from the system's automatically built electronic document archives, there are also other tools, such as the electronic folder and, in part, automatically built document links, which provide easy access to documents. The system supports the management of hard-copy documents from document transfer to archives management, to document lending, to final rejection.

Special products:

  • CRAFT Bill

    Our system supports clear and efficient implementation of your company's invoice certification process.

  • CRAFT Contract

    You can use our CRAFT Contract system to store your contracts in a secure and comfortable way in a contract repository. You do not have to search for an important piece of information in hard-copy documents any longer. You can easily find the contract you are looking for in the Contract Repository.

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