Custom CRAFT systems

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Based on the experience Cardinal Kft. gained over several years in the fields of image processing, character recognition, processing of bank orders, document processing, electronic banking, security solutions and electronic signatures, we also undertake to develop tailored software solutions. If you do not find a commercially off the shelf solution that could meet your custom requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Custom CRAFT systems

Based on the research background and experience that they gained at university and at our company, our colleagues are experts in image processing and are specialised mainly in the fields of character recognition and scanner contol. They relied on that experience when they developed our proprietary character recognition engine, and since the whole development project was carried out by us, we can adjust our solution to meet any special requirements.

One of the strengths of our systems - beyond image processing - is their adaptability to custom requirements. We give recommendations concerning the development of custom systems based on the surveys we make and on the experience we gained while solving real issues that we had to face earlier.

Coding complex business logic and implementing STP mechanisms are also part of our development work.

Below you can find a list of some custom development projects we have implemented so far.

Custom developments related to image processing

  • License plate recognition

    For efficient traffic control devices (database of wanted vehicles, checking the right to use a specific road).

  • Parking system with license plate recognition

    It is not necessary to always present the parking ticket when a vehicle leaves a parking lot.

  • Woodcutter

    The system uses a camera signal to automatically control a sawing machine to cut out unwanted parts when processing wood.

  • ID card authentication

    A digital print is made on the basis of a digitised ID card image, which can be checked using OCR technology.

Our systems which started out as custom development projects and turned into products

CRAFT BondChecker

Our CRAFT BondChecker system supports the verification of securities certificates prior to their issue and after their cancellation, before they are destroyed. It can perform a print quality control function and check for duplicates and deficiencies in a large volume of securities. It also facilitates preparing records on the destruction of securities.

Corporate social responsibility

  • Form processor for mathematics competitions

    Processing and evaluating the output of annual competitions (up to 65,000 participants) in one day

    Formerly, the provision of personal assistance, equipment and premises for the purposes of the physical processing work was also part of our support.

    Competitions currently supported:

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