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Our CRAFT document management system allows us to provide solutions in several document management areas. Apart from general purpose document management systems, we also develop systems for special banking and other custom purposes.

Cardinal kft. started to develop document management systems in 1993. Relying on the experience we gained while developing our first special systems (BondSystem, PF1 processor), we completed a document management framework system called CRAFT in 1998, which we have been developing, enhancing and regularly upgrading ever since. We have used this framework system to develop a number of general purpose document management systems and special products for banking purposes.

We present our systems and products in three categories on our website. The CRAFT Document Management Systems category contains our general purpose document management products. CRAFT Banking Systems contains systems which we developed for some special banking purpose, such as the CRAFT PF1 system, which processes payment orders, or the CRAFT SpecimenSignature system, which is used for the management of specimen signature cards. We also develop custom document management systems. For more information on that see the CRAFT Custom Systems section.

System properties

Due to the common basis, the numerous favourable properties offered by our CRAFT system are also reflected in all our document management products.
  • Reliability and security
  • Our products are used primarily by banks and financial institutions and often for the management of core and time critical processes. Therefore, reliable system operation is indispensable. In compliance with the banks' requirements, we pay special attention to protection against unauthorised access, and both data storage and communications are implemented in an encrypted form. Protection against data loss is another aspect that we attribute high priority to.

  • Industrial capacity
  • Our systems are developed to manage extremely large document volumes, and we have practical evidence that they can actually handle such volumes: serving hundreds of users, processing 40,000 documents and executing 400,000 to 500,000 administrative transactions a day, managing archives holding tens of millions of documents - just to give a few examples of our systems' capacities; and all those results were achieved with surprisingly low hardware requirements.

  • Sophisticated access rights controls
  • CRAFT system provides detailed user rights controls. It allows controlling access to functions, to documents and even to different parts of documents (data sheets, images). Access to documents can be controlled based on the owner and the type of a given document but custom access rights can also be set up for specific documents.

  • A wide range of tools
  • Apart from modules supporting different areas of document management, the system also has several other tools offering special functionalities, such as an OCR/ICR engine or barcode management. The system offers integrated control of low and high capacity scanners and can control a large number of other useful hardware devices, such as slip printers for printing identification labels or barcode readers, but the control of other special devices can also be easily integrated.

  • Customisation
  • The operation of our systems is controlled by numerous parameters, which allow setting up the operational mode most fitting our customers' needs. Besides that, we can fulfil customisation requests in almost every area. Introducing custom data contents, new functions, designing automated procedures, implementing co-operation with other systems are all daily practice at Cardinal kft.

  • Co-operation with other systems
  • CRAFT system handles several communication channels so it can communicate with other systems based on sockets, through middleware, database tables or files. It can offer its services to other systems and use the services of other systems through its communication channels (SOA architecture). Apart from the numerous existing standard interfaces (e.g. ArchiveLink, SAP rfc) it provides, we can also implement custom service interfaces.

You can find more details about the core concepts and tools used in the CRAFT system by following this link.

Consulting, Support

We do not supply only the software. Rather, we offer you a solution to your document management-related issues. Relying on the experience we have gained for the past 15 years and from the implementation of a number of concise document management systems, we are ready to assess your company's document management needs, and design and implement a system which can fulfill them. We provide support by phone, e-mail and, if necessary, on site for the implementation of the system starting from the very first steps and until the end of the test run, or even beyond that. In the framework of a separate support agreement, we provide support for long-term system operation.

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