Electra Internet Banking

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Electra Internet Banking is the Internet user interface of the Electra system, which allows accessing Electra system services via the web.

Using Electra Internet Banking, customers can contact their banks, request information from them and launch transactions via the Internet, using a browser application.

The Electra Internet Banking system is also used under the following names:

  • NetBank (ERSTE Bank)
  • klikkbank ([origo] klikkbank)
  • SpectraNet/SpectraNet Light (UniCredit Bank)
  • NetBankár Business (MKB Bank)
  • Euro-eBank (Takinvest)

As a consequence of the applied solutions, the services provided by the system can be used with numerous common browser applications, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari or even Google Chrome.

The wide range of applied security solutions protect not only customers' data against unauthorised access but also ensure that transaction were executed without any error and one time only.

The wide range of banks using the system also ensures that the development team has up-to-date information about attacks occurring on the Internet and so Electra can provide protection against such attacks even before they become common.

Who do we recommend it to?

We recommend Electra Internet Banking to every customer segment of banks, taking into consideration their usage habits:

  • to private customers who use the system mostly to request information and submit not more than a couple of orders a day,
  • to small and medium-sized enterprises and companies which - apart from requesting information - want to send in more (even 20-30) orders a day using an easy and fast method,
  • to large corporate customers and minor service providers which launch hundreds of orders a day and connect their own internal systems to the Internet Banking system using the available import/export functions, or
  • to large corporate customers and service providers which can use it as a service supplementing the Electra client program and adding mobility to the Client program,
  • to contracted partners of financial institutions, such as loan brokers, who can perform special operations related to the products of the given financial institution through channels provided by the bank for that purpose.


Banks can make any of their services and products available through the Internet Banking interface, which allows performing any information requests, launching any orders, direct debit or direct credit transactions and retrieving order statuses. Notifications can be used to monitor the status of direct credit, direct debit and postal transactions, and account statements can also be retrieved in .pdf format.

The service offers a wide range of export and import functions and so it can be connected to clients' own systems. The system can import orders and export information (statements, notifications and transactions) in a number of industry standard and bank-defined formats.

Electra Internet Banking can work together with the Client program and Mobile Banking in a unique way. As a result of that, orders created using the Client program can be signed and submitted through Internet Banking, which provides outstanding mobility also to installed client programs.