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KELER Internetwork Device System (KID) service

What is the KELER Internetwork Device System (KID) service?

KELER Zrt. (previously known as KELER Rt.) launched its KELER Internetwork Device System (KID) service (originally known as KIS) in January 1997. The system allows KELER customers to manage their accounts held with KELER from their own sites, i.e. to send orders to KELER Zrt., to download account information (account statements and balances) from KELER Zrt's settlement systems using a computer (PC), a leased line or a modem and phone line combination.

KID system

The KID system covers the entire communication system including the endpoints on KELER's and its customers' sides (including both hardware and software components) and the communication control system. The system consists of two main components: a server installed at KELER (called KERNEL) and a client application (called KID - KELER Interface Device) installed on customers' computers. KID allows customers to use a specific set of KELER services through the communication system.

Components of the KID system

1. KERNEL Server Computer - This is the central part of the communication system, which ensures that customers could only acces their own accounts and perform only transactions they are authorised to. It verifies privileges, encrypted electronic signatures associated with received orders, performs the administration, registration and archiving of incoming and outgoing messages, checks observance of cut-off times defined for submitting orders and rejects orders that fail at any of the verification procedures.

2. Client Program - The KID (KELER Interface Device) Client Program is the client-side component of the KID communication system. Orders can be submitted to KELER using the KID system (based on the agreement set forth in the Service Agreement). The Electronic Customer Relationship System covers the following KELER services:

  • keeping of stock exchange turnover accounts
  • depository services
  • securities settlement /spot and forward settlement (BCE, BSE)
  • receiving and forwarding system information, opportunity to inquire other information of public interest via INFO KID
  • opportunity to load account-keeping information

KID system features

System security, data protection

We paid special attention to data protection when developing the system. Connection is always initiated by the Customer through the communication system. All information sent via the Electronic Customer Management System is encrypted. Only those can log into the KERNEL server who have a valid contract with KELER allowing that, have a client application installed on their computer and have a valid log-in password. Customers also need a valid electronic signature to be able to submit any order to KELER through the KID system. All information is encrypted and cannot be interpreted by any unauthorised party.


Using the KID system, customers can submit their orders within seconds and access all information and confirmation provided by KELER in real time.

Easy to install

The KID application runs on Microsoft NT 4.0 or a later operating system. KID can connect to KERNEL by various means: through a MATÁV switched line, an ISDN line or a leased line. KID has a menu-driven user interface, which provides access to all program functions. Menu options can be selected and used by clicking on the icons, buttons and objects displayed on the screen.

Operating hours

The communication system provides direct connection between a customer and KELER between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. on workdays.

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