Automatic software update

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Our CRAFT system has a client-server architecture, where client software is automatically updated.

In the case of a system installed on a major, nationwide network it is legitimate to ask how installed client software can be updated when a new version is released.

Our CRAFT system uses an automatic software update procedure to solve that problem. All client applications automatically log into the server when they are launched and check if it is necessary to update the installed version. If the server identifies the client software as obsolete, it will issue an update instruction. As a consequence, the client will download the most recent version and automatically update itself.

This solution will not allow that specific components contain core elements of different versions and so it prevents inconsistent operation resulting from a version mismatch.

This approach makes it sufficient to update the central server when a new release is published as it will automatically trigger the distribution of the necessary modifications.

In our major systems comprising of a number of servers, this software update policy is also extended to servers, which update themselves from a central server.

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