Banco Popolare's Electra Internet Banking service has been upgraded

30/10/2009 printable version

Apart from minor modifications made in the interface, the new version also offers a number of new functions to customers.

The colour scheme of the interface was updated to match the bank's image, and so customers will now find slightly softer colours on the interface.

The interface was also added several new functions. One of them is the mailbox function, which allows the bank to send e-mail or other messages to specific customers or even to entire customer segments using rule-based message forwarding.

Users now also receive messages about their transactions queued due to their value date or insufficient funds. This function can be accessed from the menu too, but all pending items also appear on the overview screen displayed immediately after logging in, thus it helps users manage their finances in an accurate and reliable way.

'Package recycling' was added to the interface as a new function. It allows users to reuse already submitted complete order packages and resend them following any necessary modification (e.g. entering the value date) and validation. This can be a useful function for companies when paying the salary of their employees, as users do not have to reenter the details of each payment order again but they can simply reuse and modify the package submitted the previous month (e.g. delete or modify certain items or add new transactions), which makes this process a lot easier to complete.

You can read more about the changes on the bank's web page.

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