Banco Popolare extends CRAFT-based processing of foreign exchange payment order forms

02/07/2010 printable version

Banco Popolare Hungary Bank Zrt. extends the use of Cardinal Kft's foreign exchange payment order form processing CRAFT system to its entire branch network.

Fine tuning of the foreign exchange payment order form processing functions of Banco Popolare Hungary Bank Zrt's Cardinal Kft-supplied CRAFT system has been completed based on the experience gained during the processing pilot. In the framework of the project we also complied with the development requirements that emerged related to the live processing of PF1 and forint payment orders.

Apart from the branch which took part in the foreign exchange payment order digitising pilot and has been using the new system ever since, this processing solution will be extended to cover the entire branch network.

Central order processing can start immediately when orders are scanned into the CRAFT system at the branch, using only the digitised images and without the need to transport any hard-copy foreign exchange payment orders.

We adjusted the CRAFT functions to the specific foreign exchange payment order processing workflow used by the bank, thus integrating the generic CRAFT Deviza module even better into the local environment and making processing even more efficient and accurate.

You can find more information about the project in our previous article titled Processing PF1 forint and foreign exchange payment orders with CRAFT at Banco Popolare.

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