Corporate MobilBank at Erste Bank

02/08/2010 printable version

ERSTE Bank launched the Electra Mobile Banking service for its corporate customers under the name Vállalati MobilBank (Corporate MobilBank). The service allows customers to access the full NetBank functionality via an interface optimised for mobile devices.

Using MobilBank services, customers can manage their financials in a faster and more efficient way even in situations where they do not have access to a computer. To use this service, one needs as little as an Internet-capable mobile phone or a PDA.

The service can be accessed using the browser application on the mobile device, thus users do not have to install any other application or plug-in. Customers must use the same user IDs and passwords that they use to log into NetBank. This makes the use of these systems a lot easier.

All Corporate NetBank functions can be accessed via the MobilBank system, as the solution provides a full-fledged service. Yet, communication and data exchange with client programs and Internet banking solutions continue to be one of its most important application areas. This allows users to use the interface of the MobilBank system to authenticate orders entered (or imported) using NetBank.

Now, with the use of this so called 'common area' function, users can manage order packages (including even hundreds of orders) using as simple a device as a mobile phone, which makes the work of those authorised to sign on behalf of the company much easier. They no longer need to carry a laptop or mandate others to sign orders: they can manage their company's financials regardless of which part of the Globe they are currently in.

The interface, which is optimised for mobile devices, also makes it much easier to perform different actions than the 'conventional' Internet banking interface and it also allows efficient and fast management of large data volumes.

You can find more information about the service and the terms of its use on the bank's web site.

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