E-Banking Summit 2011 - Man behind the clouds

27/04/2011 printable version

Cardinal Kft. will also hold a lecture at this year's CEBC conference, where more than a hundred experts will discuss the current topics of the Hungarian E-Banking market.

The conference will focus mostly on the 'easy-to-use' concept, the sale and enhancement of devices and tools, the ways to make banking communication as easy as possible, as well as on international trends and how they gain ground in Hungary, e.g. paypass systems - the corner shop domain. Who use these systems and what course of development will they take in the future?

Our company will be represented by István Gyimesi, the head of Development. His lecture is titled: e-volution: The present and future of electronic banking.

Main conference topics:

  • Mobile Life (Life in the mobile era/Mobile life)
  • The impact of InterGiro 2 implementation on the functionalities of banking electronic channels
  • Tendencies in mobile use, the future of mobile banking
  • All you want to know about Corporate Access to SWIFT
  • Be smart. - IT security risks related to smartphones
  • e-volution: The present and future of electronic banking
  • Implementing intra-day settlement
  • The world of contactless payments
  • update.cosmic - social media in CRM
  • Simple, secure, fast - you can choose any two of these three properties - Requirements related to online banking

You can find more information, the detailed conference programme and a registration form on the CEBC website.

Date and location: 12 May, 2011 (Thursday), Gundel Restaurant.

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