Mobile Banking service at UniCredit Bank

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UniCredit Bank launched its SpectraNet Mobile Banking service granting customers access to the bank's services via their mobile phones and offering them a unique range of functionalities.

Using an interface optimised for mobile phones, users can manage their banking transactions in a much easier and faster manner than through the 'conventional' SpectraNet Internet Banking interface. Navigation, the layout and operation of the pages were all designed with having in mind both the users of touchscreen devices and those having phones with 5-way navigation buttons.

SpectraNet Mobile Banking offers a unique range of functionalities. Apart from standard functions like querying one's account balance or account history information, or making forint payments, banking customers also have access to a lot of other functions offered only by internet banking systems until now. Such functions include viewing credit card details, managing SMS settings and requesting and managing electronic account statements. Corporate customers can also request certificates proving that they have sufficient funds on their accounts or initiate loan drawdowns.

The interface offers a customizable quick menu, which grants users easy access to frequently used operations.

The Mobile Banking service is available in Plus and Light versions, depending on the customer's needs.

This service can uniquely cooperate with both the SpectraNet Internet Banking system and installed Spectra client programs. This means that customers can sign orders entered in either the client program or using the Internet Banking service, and submit them via the Mobile Banking interface. As a consequence of this, users with the authority to sign do not have to give anybody else a mandate to sign when they are on a trip because they can use their mobile phone to manage all banking transactions via the mobile net.

The Mobile Banking interface supports both token-based and SMS-based signing methods.

The SpectraNet Mobile Banking service can be used with any mobile net-capable phone. Since this interface does not use any Flash application (contrary to Internet Banking), it can also be accessed from iPhone and iPad devices. Besides that, the service supports all Android or Windows Mobile platforms and a wide range of Nokia, LG, Blackberry and Samsung phones among others. You can find the list of all supported platforms on the bank's web site.

The Mobile Banking service also has a test page, where users can check if their telephone is capable of using the service before they apply for it and conclude a service agreement.

You can find more detailed information about the service on the bank's home page.
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