New securities functions in Takarékpont's Electra Internet Banking system

09/11/2011 printable version

Although it went live just last summer, the Electra Internet Banking system of Takarékbank and the cooperative savings associations related to Takarékpont has already been added new functions.

The interface now allows selling/buying not only the usual BÉT (Budapest Stock Exchange) shares but also trading in the following products:

  • TakarékInvest products,
  • investment units and
  • government bonds.

These were implemented by adding investment unit and OTC share sell/buy orders and instrument subscription transactions to the system.

It is also possible to give standing orders or initiate transfers between subaccounts or clients. Transactions of the last two types can only be initiated by users having a special right granting them power to initiate transfers.

The interface has a novelty feature which allows completing MIFID tests. If the appropriate conditions are met, suitability and compliance tests can also be completed via the Internet Banking interface. The Electra system will automatically evaluate the tests (scoring) and the calculated risk category becomes effective right after it is approved by the administrator.

It is an important milestone that based on the cooperation with Portfolio-Teletrader Kft., clients can now use the Electra Internet Banking interface to directly query and access all data provided by Portfolio-Teletrader Kft. When a client selects an instrument using the Tradable Products function, its basic details and diagrams or - when it is a share - its delayed market data are displayed immediately. Thus, users can access valuable information for their decisions by a single click.

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