Mobile banking at Gránit Bank

03/01/2012 printable version

Gránit Bank expanded its electronic services and now, apart from internet banking, it also provides an Electra interface optimised for mobile phones.

Gránit Bank has launched Gránit Mobilbank, its mobile banking service. This new service allows customers to access all functions which have been available to them via the internet banking interface (except for import and export functions). This new solution allows customers to access the bank's services via their mobile phones.

The bank provides Gránit Mobilbank through Electra's Mobile Banking interface, which is practically an Electra interface optimised for mobile phones.

This service can be accessed via smartphones and internet-capable mobile phones. The service also includes a test page, which allows customers to check if their phone is suitable for using the mobile banking service before concluding the contract. When the contract is made, users can use the same user names and passwords to access the mobile banking system as the ones they use for internet banking.

You can find more information on the bank's web page.

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