E-Banking Summit 2012

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E-Banking Summit 2012 was held on March 6. This year's Conference focused on electronic banking. The half-an-hour presentation of Cardinal Kft. outlined the future of user authentication.

Apart from the several marketing-oriented product presentations held at the Conference, Cardinal Kft's presentation focused on a specific topic again. Our presentation titled 'Who are you?' discussed the present, the current issues and the future of user identification.

This presentation was inspired by the HFSA guideline outlining recommendations and progressive practices for secure internet banking services.

This guideline contains numerous statements relating to user identification, for example, that password authentication no longer provides an appropriate level of security. However, this progressive recommendation also contains more than one problematic point. The HFSA recommendation suggests using digital signature generation devices featuring secure access protection (i.e. chip cards) but using such devices is becoming more and more inconvenient for users. Not only do browsers necessary for accessing internet banking systems lack native chip card support (which means that they still require Java Applets or Flash objects to drive such cards) but the development of information technology devices also took another course. It is enough if we think of the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, where it is physically impossible to connect external devices or card readers.

It is expected that smartphones themselves will turn into authentication devices in the future, and they will take over the role that chip cards have in the authentication process. If, besides that, this authentication solution also becomes an integral part of the electronic banking system, it may also provide numerous further functions, for example, even protection against pharming attacks, against which no overall security solution exists at present.

You can visit the conference web site by clicking here: CEBC

You can download Cardinal Kft's presentation document here.

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