Cardinal Kft. attended and also held a presentation at this year's E-Banking Summit Conference

18/03/2014 printable version

The E-Banking Summit 2014 conference was held on 6 March again, and Cardinal Kft. gave a presentation titled 'IG2 impacts on corporate finances'.

Following a brief retrospect on our ViCA presentation of the previous year, István Gyimesi, our development manager, gave a presentation on the experience we gained since the 2012 introduction of IG2. He overviewed the changes stemming from the IG2 introduction and reported on some surprising statistics related to the introduction. One of the main changes brought about by IG2 was the new ISO-compliant message format. Concerning that, we raised the possibility of introducing the standard CAMT statement - also presenting its benefits - and as a result, some banks have already requested us to implement the function, which the Hungarian SEPA Association already started to standardize back in 2011.

You can visit the conference web site by clicking here: CEBC.

You can download Cardinal Kft's presentation document here.

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