EFER (Electronic Payment and Settlement System) in Electra

17/06/2014 printable version

Electra has been added a new function. The system is now capable of managing EFER (Electronic Payment and Settlement System) transactions, allowing users to use Electra to execute or reject EFER transactions.

Whenever a new EFER transaction is created for a user, Electra receives a notification. The server then automatically creates an order (EFER-type order) based on the transaction details and notifies the user. The form and content of this order type are the same as those of forint payment orders, the only difference being that the user cannot modify these data.

Users can approve or reject this transaction by the time when the EFER transaction expires. If he chooses to approve the transaction, the user can specify which of his accounts is to be debited with the EFER transaction. If the transaction is rejected, Electra will notify the EFER system accordingly.

Customers can manage EFER transactions like any other order types: they must be signed and submitted by users with appropriate account rights.

Electra checks customers' EFER orders on a continuous basis. Orders with an expired deadline are deleted from the system after notifying the users. All actions performed are logged in the customer's log.

The EFER transaction status as well its history can also be queried using the Electra system.

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