Electra 7

19/06/2015 printable version

Electra 7 is the latest version of the Electra system. It contains an authorisation system upgraded on the basis of customers and banks' internal needs. The system now offers a larger number of available access rights, introduces user roles and an extended set of banking operations accessible based on user rights.

Related to the new authorisation system, we renewed the Electra user database and store user data in databases (Oracle or SQLite).

We developed WebAdmin, the browser-based web version of the Administrator program, to manage customers and users and to assign access rights and roles. We prepared a simple and user-friendly administration interface on the basis of our proven internet banking technology.

Thanks to their ease of use, the new authorisation system and the access rights administration interface are also accessible to users via self-administration. Thus, banks can entrust certain customer administration tasks (the part which can be safely performed by customers with respect to legal and bank security considerations) to their customers, decreasing thereby the workload of their own customer service. Self-administration is made easier by functions like user cloning and managing new accounts. The former simplifies setting up access rights of new employees doing the same job, while the latter allows assigning user rights based on newly opened accounts.

The 4-eyes principle is an important aspect of administration commands and so it is also supported by WebAdmin.

Secondary signatories can also use WebAdmin to check what data will be changed in Electra when a command is signed and sent in. Customers and users are described using a large data set. Therefore, it is important that whenever a person entering a command changes these data, the approver could check those changes. WebAdmin uses graphical elements and different colours to highlight data changes, and as a result, approvers can immediately see the changes made and what exactly they are going to approve.

The parameters of the access rights and roles managed in Electra 7 can be set in a flexible manner, as necessary to meet the bank's requirements.

The new authorisation system is compatible with the Electra versions in use, so upgrading to the new version will be transparent from the customers' point of view.

Electra 7 better fits and serves the various needs of customers, makes the management of key customers with special needs easier, and by simplifying the administration tasks of the bank, it also lowers the bank's costs.

The Electra 7 authorisation system is fully compatible with previous Electra versions. When switching over to Electra 7, we migrate all customer, user and client program data and access rights stored in the live system without any losses. Thus, switching over to Electra 7 will not constitute any major change for our customers. Users can perform the same actions and operations that they did before the switch-over.

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