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Corporate customers of Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. can now access all three channels of the Electra system: Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and the Client Program. Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. joined the group of banks using our Electra system in October 2015.

Exploiting the potential of Electra, Raiffeisen Bank implemented all three channels at the same time, so its customers can always select the most suitable and comfortable interface solution in any given situations.

With the Electra electronic banking system implemented, Raiffeisen is gradually replacing the services provided by its previous system, whose functionality is completely covered by Electra. The switch-over is a fairly transparent process from the customers' perspective as the bank's master file containing its partners' data can also be transferred from the previous system to Electra.

Electra system users can use the ViCA (Virtual Chipcard) application, the state-of-the-art Electra authentication method, to sign their orders via any of the three channels. ViCA is currently available for phones running iOS or Android operating systems.

Electra Internetbank

Internetbank, which has an interface properly matching the Raiffeisen image, contains the main net banking functions:

  • Information queries: Account Balance, Completed Transactions, Account History, Pending Orders, Account Statement, PDF Statement, Notifications etc.
  • Orders: forint (payments, transfers, VIBER, postal transfer, online customs payments), collection (HUF Collection, Official Transfer), group orders (Multiple Transfer and Direct Debit) and international orders (FCY, internal FCY, intrabank FCY and SEPA transfers) operations.

Apart from those, users can submit the following custom requests to the bank using various forms: Certificates, Banking Information, New Business Card, Modify Business Card, Modify Account Parameter, Modify Statement Generation, Cash Withdrawal Request, Ordering Postal Cash Withdrawal Slip, Modify Contact information and Send Message.

If they have appropriate access rights, customers can use administration orders via the Internetbank interface to perform the following administration operations online, without relying on the bank: User information, New user (with limited access rights), Modify user, Delete user, Generate initial password, Delete error points.

Electra Mobile Bank

Using the Electra Internetbank version optimised for mobile phones, users can manage their finances comfortably anywhere and at any time, using the internet connection of their smartphones. Mobile Bank provides access to main Internetbank functions, information queries and orders (with certain constraints, e.g. print and import functions are disabled) but does not include any forms or administration orders.

Electra Terminal

Electra Terminal offers customers managing large volumes of transactions a comfortable and secure means of managing their finances even in offline mode. The functionality of the client program installed on computers covers all financial functions (information queries and orders) and includes all form-based and administration orders, as well. Besides that, it also has a Forecast function which uses data from import, export and archiving actions, templates, master data management and submitted transactions to make customers' life easier.

You can find further information about the services provided by Raiffeisen Bank's Electra system if you visit the bank's home page.

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