GIRO Zrt's Electra system upgraded

09/11/2015 printable version

The implementation of the new Electra v7.00 did not upgrade only the Electra client program user interface but it also provided administrators with a new WebAdmin interface.

The most important users of GIRO Zrt's Electra system are, besides several other financial institutions, the institutions of the Hungarian State Treasury. The recent upgrade of the Electra system is meant to make their tasks easier.

GIRO Electra Client Program version 7.00

The user interface of GIRO Electra Client Program v7.00 underwent significant changes compared to v5.02. The client program offers the full functionality of earlier versions but the interface displayed for users and the way how the program should be used have changed. The new intuitive interface provides clarity, easier and faster program management, and its colour scheme matches the design used by GIRO Zrt.


Electra v7.00 implements a new administrator interface called WebAdmin. Different Administrator program types were discontinued and replaced by a new Admin program.

Administrator users belong to different roles, exploiting the various options offered by the user access rights management system implemented in Electra 7. Thus, administrator users can use the WebAdmin interface only to access functions set for their role (e.g. customer administrator, system administrator) and can view only data they are authorized to access based on their rights.

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