Our ViCA application is now also available for Windows Phone devices

09/06/2016 printable version

Following the Android and iOS platforms, our new development, the ViCA top security personal authentication tool is now also available for Windows Phone devices.


ViCA is a new, innovative personal authentication application, which allows you to securely access your bank's internet banking services. You can use it to log into the internet banking service and sign your orders and transactions. By using ViCA, you can prevent fraudsters from obtaining your log-in data or stealing your money.

You can read more about our application by clicking on this link.

3 mobile platforms - complete coverage

In the first phase we developed the application for the two most popular platforms, Android and iOS. Since we wanted to make our secure and comfortable authentication tool available to all smartphone users, the Windows Phone version was also made available for download from Windows Store in March 2016.

At present, the application can be used with the corporate Electra systems provided by Raiffeisen Bank on various platforms, but further banks using the Electra system will soon be added to the list, too.

The application cannot be used as a standalone internet banking tool. Users need an existing internet or mobile banking service to use it.

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