Craft 7 introduced at K&H Bank

09/12/2016 printable version

A Craft 7-based bank advice processing system was introduced at K&H Bank in September 2015. The implementation of Craft 7 offers users a modern, redesigned and more user-friendly system, so they can provide faster service to their clients.

The old system was introduced in 2001 and in the beginning it was used to process only one-off forint payment orders, which was supplemented with processing direct debit orders some years later. The new system continues to process orders of both types and also allows adding further order types.

The Craft 7 system, which was introduced one year ago, uses the most recent technologies: it stores data in an Oracle database, can communicate with peer systems also via WebService and Middleware (WebSphere MQ), uses encrypted SSL channels for server – client communication, and requires LDAP authentication for login.

Craft 7 server operation also follows the latest standards: server management is supported through an administration workstation, while parameterisation is carried out using a configuration workstation. The server runs as an automatically launched service. The system collects all operation-related information in the Windows Event Log (e.g. information about system startups and shutdowns, implementing communication connections, running various processes and their results).

When designing the Craft 7 operator interface, we took into account the lay-out and usability of modern applications, and used that information to create our Craft 7 bank advice processing system. The new interface is built around the functionality of the old system, so when users learnt how to use this new system, they were already familiar with most of its functions. The combined interface allows a single point of access to all functions and data necessary for daily work from a single location.

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