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K&H Electra24, the first native mobile app of the Electra system, has been released for iOS and Android devices.

Electra24, the native mobile app of the Electra system, has been launched and is now available to corporate clients of K&H Bank.

The app is an efficient addition to both the Electra Client Program and corporate Electra Internet Banking. The app provides the following services:

- View accounts and account balances

- Search and view transactions

- Sign and submit prepared order packages

- View queued, rejected and completed orders.

Electra users can access these services using their existing user identifiers. When they log in, the app authenticates them using the ViCA application, a state-of-the-art authentication solution developed by Cardinal Kft. The transparent cooperation of the two apps is convenient and expeditious for users: Electra24 automatically redirects them to ViCA during the login process, and they are returned, automatically again, to Electra24 once authentication has successfully completed.

Order packages are also signed using the ViCA application. Users can select the packages to be signed, then - similarly to the login process - they are redirected to ViCA. When the packages are approved, users can have the Electra24 app automatically submit the signed packages. Obviously, the app also allows users to check the packages and the transactions they contain before signing them.

The app also provides a means for clients to manage their accounts with other banks.

Users can use the Change Client function to manage the details of several of their clients. The interface is available in both Hungarian and English.

The Electra24 application was developed on a hybrid technology basis; its internal web interface can be upgraded centrally and in a highly flexible manner while the underlying technology of the app provides much more secure access than conventional browser-based solutions.

The app is developed by Cardinal Kft. but, due to taking user interest into account, it is distributed under the K&H Bank logo.

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/k-h-electra24/id1178678454?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hu.cardinal.khb.electra24&hl=en

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