Zrínyi Ilona Mathematics Competition 2017

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The Foundation for Mathematically Talented Children (Matematikában Tehetséges Gyermekekért Alapítvány, MATEGYE) held the first (regional) round of the Zrínyi Ilona Mathematics Competition supported by Cardinal Kft. on 17 February, 2017.

Cardinal Kft., which supplied a character recognition and image processing system developed as part of our CSR activities, has been helping MATEGYE Foundation (mategye.hu) with processing answer sheets and quick provision of test results for 21 years now.

As a result of further enhancements that we implemented in the character recognition and image processing system based on the experience we gained last year, the Foundation staff were even more efficient in processing this huge data volume in such a short time this year.

The competitors completed their answer sheets on Friday afternoon (17 February). The scanning and character recognition of the nearly 70,000 answer sheets (67,169 to be exact) using Cardinal's software already began on Friday evening and the system delivered the final competition results as early as the next evening (i.e. on Saturday).

Scanning answer sheets with Cardinal Kft's Craft software:



Announcing Bács-Kiskun County results of Zrínyi Ilona National Mathematics Competition 2017, Round 1 held in February 2017


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