Electra Client Program

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Electra Client Program is the installed client component of the Electra system, which was designed primarily with corporate customers in mind. It allows accessing Electra System services even at times of large volume data transfers and provides outstanding security.

Electra Client Program is an MS Windows-based fat client application which allows clients to contact their banks using various communication channels (standard phone lines, X.25, PPP, the Internet, leased lines etc.). It offers customers tools to record orders to be sent to banks, to submit those orders, to query bank information, and it also provides multi-level protection for customers, the bank and the data transferred between them.

Orders can be set up and signed, previously submitted orders can be viewed and printed and account statements downloaded from the bank's computer can be printed even when the customer's computer is offline, so customers do not need to connect to the server running at the bank's headquarters to complete these tasks.

Customers can validate orders with their digital signature verified by the bank. Digital signatures can be generated with the Electra Client Program, using one of the following methods meeting both the bank's and the customer's requirements: digital signatures can be based on a password, an SMS message, a token or a chipcard.

In line with the bank's customer segmentation principles, the client program has Light, Standard and XL (for service providers) versions. These versions differ mainly in their functionality and satisfy all needs of customers from private individuals to large corporates.

The major benefits offered by the Electra Client Program:
  • simple design,
  • ease of use and maintenance,
  • outstanding and multi-level security solutions,
  • support for networked operation: it can be used by multiple users simultaneously,
  • can manage large data volumes even in relation to a single customer,
  • robust import and export functions (SAP, UGIRO, text, proprietary etc. formats),
  • can be set up using a wide range of parameters,
  • one program can handle the requests of multiple customers,
  • easy and fast to install using the installation CD or a self-extracting file,
  • no dependency on the version of third-party components,
  • can integrate data originating from the bank's legacy customer terminals (migration).

The Electra Client Program is also used under the following names:

  • Spectra, Spectra Light (UniCredit Bank)
  • PcBankár (MKB Bank)
  • PcKontakt (KDB Bank)
  • OTP Ügyfélterminál (OTP Bank)
  • KID (KELER Zrt.)

Who do we recommend it to?

Taking their user habits into consideration, we recommend Electra Client Program to the following customer segments:

  • small and medium-sized enterprises and companies which - apart from requesting information - want to send in more (even 20-30) orders a day using an easy and fast method,
  • large corporate customers and minor service providers which launch hundreds of orders a day and connect their own internal systems to the Electra Client Program using the latter's import/export functions, or
  • large corporate customers and service providers which can use it as an automatic bank terminal and want to automatically send their bank large volumes of payment orders generated by their own systems.


Banks can make any of their services and products available through the Electra Client Program, which allows performing any information requests, launching any orders, direct debit or direct credit transactions (also on the service provider's side) and retrieving order statuses. Notifications can be used to follow up the status of direct credit, direct debit, postal and cash pool transactions, and account statements can also be retrieved in .pdf format.

The Client Program offers a wide range of export and import functions and so it can also be connected to customers' own systems. The system can import orders and export information (statements, notifications and transactions) in a number of industry standard and bank-defined formats.

The Electra Client Program can work together with other components of the Electra system (with Electra Internet Banking and Electra Mobile Banking) in a unique way.