Electronic Banking

The Electra Electronic Banking system can cover all electronic channels used by financial institutions, providing thereby an integrated, uniform and transparent interface for clients to manage their financials.

Electra, the market leading electronic banking system in Hungary, has provided clients with reliable and secure management of their banking transactions for more than fourteen years now. Nearly one hundred different order types and enquiries from account balance enquiries to direct debit/credit transactions to securities transfers ensure that all services provided by financial institutions could be accessed through the system.

The system is used by 14 banks and 127 cooperative savings associations at present, some of them using it under the name Electra, while others calling it by their own brand names. The gradually growing number of users is estimated to be hundreds of thousands. Almost all financial institutions have replaced their account management systems since they introduced our system, so Electra has a number of functions to support switchovers between systems now.

We are continuously enhancing and upgrading Electra. We check for new technologies and demands and integrate them into Electra. Electra's Internet Banking module was completed around 2000, when access to the Internet became generally available in Hungary. And in 2008, when smart phones became popular and the first iPhones appeared in Hungarian shops, we also launched the Mobile Banking service.

Electra is regularly audited in different banks, therefore, its security system is always up-to-date and includes state-of-the-art standard solutions.

Uniform system - uniform service

The greatest advantage Electra offers is that it can cover all electronic sales channels of banks and cooperative savings associations from the powerful client programs installed to mobile banking in the form of a single integrated system. This uniformity ensures the best solution to clients, system operators and administrators.

Here you can see the channels and services provided by Electra:

The central component of the system is the Electra server. This component connects to the bank's account management system(s) and other special background systems. We always adjust our system to the requirements and ICT regulations of the bank, so this connection can be webservice-, MQSeries-, BEA WebLogic- or even native TCP/IP-based. The different Electra modules also connect to this server. Apart from that, the Electra server provides central storage for user access IDs and privileges.

Advantage to clients

From a client's point of view, this uniformity means that he can always access the bank's services via the channel most fitting his purposes and requirements. What is more, these channels do not use the same resources but supplement each other making service provision more reliable.

Advantage to operators

The greatest advantage our system offers to operators is that there is no need to run distinct systems to serve the different channels, and all channels can be maintained and updated at the same place. Besides, there is no need to acquire expertise in many different fields, which increases operational reliability and decreases operational costs.

When a bank's account management or other background system is replaced, a single interface (for Electra) has to be developed and tested for them, which greatly decreases the risks and costs of the switchover.

Advantage to administrators

The central client database of Electra stores all appropriate access IDs and privileges jointly for all channels. This makes user administration much easier as it can be done centrally, and once the user administration operation is completed, the modifications will apply to all channels.


Transparency is the most important feature of Electra components. This means that the different components and channels supplement each other and provide a single practical banking platform with rich functionality.

The system allows clients to pass order packages from one channel to another, thus, order packages registered or imported in the client application can be signed and submitted by another user via the Internet or using Mobile Banking. In cases like that the privileges of the signatory do not need to be transferred to someone else as the signatory can sign and submit the package from anywhere in the world, using only a mobile phone.


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