E-Banking Summit 2016


Cardinal Kft. gave a presentation titled 'Smart Banking - Intelligent internet banking solutions to serve customers' at this year's E-Banking Summit conference held on 3 March, 2016.

E-Banking Summit is the most important banking information technology conference in Hungary. A record number of participants attended the conference this year: more than 300 people, among them representatives of most banks registered in Hungary, took part in the event.

The conference covered the following key topics: Operating and testing process control systems, Most recent trends in digital technology, Smart banks, E-banking and mobile banking trends, Customer education, Profitable Gamification, Big Data trends.

Smart Banking - Intelligent internet banking solutions to serve customers

István Gyimesi, Cardinal Kft's development head gave a detailed presentation about Smart Banking. He presented developments and functions which support both users and banks with novel intelligent solutions.

Functions designed for users

Functions available via the Electra Internet Banking interface:

  • Intelligent reminder: a self-learning tool which identifies the most frequent user operations and helps users perform them. For example, it reminds users to pay public utility bills due at the beginning of the month and opens half-completed order forms for them to complete.
  • Process assistant: a self-learning tool which identifies operation sequences frequently carried out during netbanking sessions and leads users through them. For instance, users do not need to select the next operation from the menu as it is automatically offered by the interface.
  • Responsive calendar view: a full overview of the customer's finances in calendar view. The calendar is interactive, touch-controlled and shows all operations (e.g. transactions, balances) as well as current bank campaigns and advertisements.
  • Financial training tool: an interactive interface offering users a step-by-step walkthrough to financial processes, using a similar method as that used in car navigation systems. It is intended to improve users' financial awareness and make information available when users actually need it, e.g. when they are not certain about a rarely used function (e.g. foreign currency transfers). Further features: animated graphics, touch-controlled responsive interface, a multi-language and customisable application available for both tablets and mobile phones.

Functions available to banks

Collecting useful information for banks based on the data available and displaying it on the WebAdmin interface:

  • Financial net: used to map the customer's financial relationships. It provides input for making client contact plans and preparing offers based on turnover data.
  • Usage statistics: form analytics and statistics on when and what functions users use and in what formats they print, export, import etc. their data. This information allows more focused and more cost-effective development and operation.
You can download the whole presentation document here.

If you want to learn more about the E-Banking Summit, please visit the CEBC, web page, where you can access the full programme and the presentations.

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